Roots of Islam

Towards a true history: exegetical and historical research (2011)

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and the Five (4+1) References to “m-ḥmd” in the Koran


As early as the 19th century, developments in Islamology were hampered by the interests of the German Empire and by various ideological and even religious positions. The exegetical study of the Koran has only made real progress in the last twenty years.

However, one of the keys to this study regards the 5 mentions of “m-ḥmd” shown to be part of interpolations. This is shown here. It was not until 1949 when Regis Blachère pointed to the interpolation in Q.61:6 (the mention of “aḥmad”), and many years later when Antoine Moussali, a Lebanese who gave lessons to the murdered monks of Thibirine (Algeria), indicated this regarding the 4 other mentions. Then, freed of additions that distort its meaning, the koranic text, even disparate, questions: which group speaks there, and to whom, and for what purpose? And on what eschato-theo-logical background?

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